• Project UP-START staff works with School UP-START Liaisons and other school staff on the identification, enrollment, transportation requests, and supporting the overall needs of students living in transition.
  • Project UP-START staff assists with case management for students identified as having unstable housing.
  • Annual training is provided to the designated School UP-START Liaisons regarding the McKinney-Vento Act and all policies and procedures related to students living with unstable housing.
  • Training is provided to School Registrars on the procedures of registering students living in transition.
  • Training is provided to school counselors, school social workers, and all M-DCPS staff who request training regarding the social and academic needs of UP-START students.
  • Tutoring is available to students living at selected shelters.
  • Counseling is available to students living at selected shelters.
  • Parenting groups and workshops are provided in collaboration with the Parent Academy at selected shelters
  • Transportation is provided to students that remain at their School of Origin and have a nighttime residence that is over two miles from the School of Origin.
  • In collaboration with the Homeless Trust, Project UP-START created an online Homeless Sensitivity and Awareness Curriculum which is available and can be implemented in elementary and secondary schools.
  • Presentations regarding Project UP-START are available at school and agency sites at the request of the administration.
  • Referrals from UP-START can be made to The Shop, operated by the Office of Community Engagement, by emailing TheShop@dadeschools.net or calling 305-579-0300.
  • Verification can be provided by Project UP-START staff members to those families who meet criteria for the Rapid Rehousing program, HAND, through Citrus Health.

For further information, please contact Project UP-START: