In line with the mission of Project UP-START, staff continues to partner with student leadership to organize a Districtwide Homeless Awareness Campaign.  This initiative began in 2015 with the M-DCPS Young Women’s Prep alumnus Cristina Cantero, with a campaign that encouraged collaboration with schools and community in order to open the doors to academic opportunities, remove barriers, and promote a healthy sense of self for all students participating in the Project UP-START Program.

The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the definition of “homeless” under the McKinney-Vento Law so that more eligible students in Miami-Dade County are identified and receiving the support services they need.

Students who are interested can lead their school in hosting drives throughout the academic year. Each school will be responsible for the collection of specific items (i.e. canned foods, new clothing, toiletries) for a given amount of time to be donated primarily to The Shop and secondarily to other local shelters, organizations, and/or schools in need.

The M-DCPS student body is one of the largest and most powerful in the nation, and with students serving our communities for a better Miami-Dade community, this project will be incredibly successful.

What to do next to join the Districtwide Homeless Awareness Campaign?


Identify a club or organization in your school that would be willing to take charge of the drives (i.e. Key Club, Student Government, National Honor Society).


Contact Project UP-START in M-DCPS at 305-995-7318 or ┬áto start a drive in your school.


With a joint effort, we will coordinate a calendar for your school to adhere to and the kickoff to a great drive begins!


For further information, please contact Project UP-START: